sábado, 1 de noviembre de 2008

MNV08: Learn anytime, anywhere and on any subject

When in a statement of case study, in the course of an Expert in e-learning 2.0, Iñigo Babot explained to us that the solution for an e-learning course (technically well-designed but that did not work) was the coffee machine, I confess that I had the feeling that it was a joke . But then I remembered the number of things (work and personal issues) that I have learned from my classmates, taking a cup of coffee, or with my friends in other settings.

I learned things and I have established strategies from the experiences of others. Sometimes they worked well and others not, but the outcome already belongs to my own experience that, in turn, they may seize, in an act of mutual enrichment.

This will narrow ties and creating knowledge in real life. And also in the virtual, that it is becoming increasingly real.

During the Congress Internet in the classroom, I had the opportunity to participate in activities in the synchronous environment of Second Life, programmed by a group of people clustered on the network Ning. And there I discovered, one of the tools, for me, more powerful: the Voice Chat, initially, for an unlimited number of people, but then I discovered that depended on the ability of the MUVE.

Since Connectivitas, we decided to organize an act of mass communication. With the technical collaboration of Uni-Hispana (Second Spain), an auditorium with capacity for 230 persons / avatars. On September 24 the conference was conducted with a draftsman of luxury: George Siemens, attended by 90 people from over 15 countries. During the hour and a half that lasted the act, there was no drop in system and discovered that a great symbiosis of participants with the medium, which made it almost without restraint, the act worked perfectly. And we must bear in mind that almost 20 percent of the attendees were registered in Second Life just to be able to attend the event.

I am aware that the MUVE's are still in embryonic stage but I have no doubt at all that will have a major impact on our immediate future.

Therefore, and for the great ignorance that there are still about them, gladly participate in the pilot course by MUVEnation, Teaching and learning with MUVEs.

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