sábado, 14 de febrero de 2009

IPT692R: The sustainability of the open education movement

In the fifth week of the course Introduction to Open Education, which offers David Wiley, we have to consider the sustainability of the Open Education movement.

Like any other project, you must obtain revenues to balance the costs.

There are several ways of financing (public, sponsorship, donations, ...). But, in this case, moreover, it is necessary to outsource and give visibility to the work done so that the model is sustainable.

Some believe that if it is free, does not offer quality. Others do not want to give your work or do not have the strength to lead change in their immediate surroundings ...

However, it is undeniable that open education is progressing because it moves in line with the conceptual change driven by globalization.

To accelerate this change is necessary that governments and institutions accept the need to spread its benefits especially in areas poorly financially and raise awareness of solidarity and cooperation.



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